As a Highly Sensitive Person, your brain is wired differently from someone that isn’t Highly Sensitive. You were born that way. Being Highly Sensitive is an innate temperament trait, not a disorder.

You aren’t broken & certainly don’t need fixing!

Think of High Sensitivity in the same terms as being left-handed. In both cases your brain is wired differently from the majority of the population. If you give a left-handed person a pair of scissors designed specially for them, using scissors suddenly becomes easy. Similarly, the Highly Sensitive Person’s life can be made much simpler by making a few changes.

The first step though, is recognising that you’re Highly Sensitive.

If you’ve been feeling different all your life, there’s a good reason – you are different! Different from the 80% of people that aren’t Highly Sensitive and won’t understand what you experience on a daily basis. How could they? It’s like trying to describe the rainbow to someone that’s colour-blind.

As a Highly Sensitive Woman, Personal Development Coach, and Mother, I know how it feels to be torn between my family and career. The perpetual striving for perfection (common for Highly Sensitive People), wanting to be everything to everyone has, in the past, left me collapsed in a heap on the bathroom floor.

It’s taken a few scares for me to come to the simple realisation that I have to take care of my needs first.

Obvious, you’d think, but how many of us do that? That completely goes against the grain for women and mothers, let alone Highly Sensitive mothers whose empathy compels them to put others’ needs before their own. But here’s the thing, Highly Sensitive Women have to take care of themselves first before anyone else.